Hunter Human Resource Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Human resource solutions for competitive advantage

The main services offered are:

  • Establishing systems to measure and monitor key HR indicators such as labour turnover, absenteeism, accident rates, disputes, strikes, disciplinary cases, performance levels, productivity, employee attitudes etc.
  • Identify critical areas in need of change – an HR audit.
  • Designing and implementing appropriate HR solutions, which could include:
    • Establishing a HR function
    • Establishing or reviewing HR policies and procedures
    • Detailed HR planning starting with a strategic HR plan
    • Employment Equity plan and Skills Development Plan
    • Skills training including identifying skills needs, running appropriate in-house courses and follow-up sessions. For details of the Hunter HRC decision making & problem solving course click here.
    • Team Development Workshop – based on the two decision making and problem solving courses. For more details click here.
    • Employee compensation
    • Review existing job evaluation system or install one (Paterson)
    • Labour Relations – including disciplinary code and grievance procedures
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Performance Management – establish a holistic performance management system and train staff to implement it.
    • Incentive schemes.
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